Grammy Awards

Annelies continues after Grammys

It was a wonderful experience for our recording to reach Grammy Nominee status. While we didn't take home a trophy, we gave our friends, family, and followers of the piece an exciting month of anticipation and celebration. There was no greater fun for me than receiving texts from others who'd pulled out their laptops & tablets to stream the ceremony and see if we could pull it off. Beyond that, new friends (like Grammy Winner Laura Sullivan) were found through the process, and I was able to cheer the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra as they took home the orchestral prize after an utterly ridiculous 16 months of being locked out.


With performances happening all over the world, Annelies will continue to establish its important place in the choral/chamber repertoire. And, I'm proud to say that my collaboration with the spectacular musicians of the disc (Arianna Zukerman, The Lincoln Trio, and James Jordan's Westminster Williamson Voices) will continue this year! We will make our Lincoln Center debut at Alice Tully Hall this April. Please click the link below for more information:


Annelies at Lincoln Center


Cheers to all of you!